Fish & Aquariums

aqua1Owner of Niagara Pet Corner, Barry Lutzer has expanded his in-store fish section to over 100 tanks and has hundreds of tropical and marine fish to choose from. Barry and his team are more than happy to answer any questions you may have, and can guide you in your choice of fish, size and material of tank (glass or acrylic), and what accessories you will need to get started.

Fish- with hundreds of different fish to choose from, it’s hard not to be a little intimidated when first get started on your first aquarium. Whether it’s freshwater or marine fish you are interested in, there being thousands of species of just the characins and cichlids family alone, so the choice can be overwhelming at first. Depending on how large an aquarium you would like, and how many fish you are hoping to have at one time, let Barry assist you in choosing the right combination of fish, aquarium and accessories so that you can recreate a successful marine or tropical ecosystem at home.

Aquariums: We sell a variety of aquariums ranging from glass & acrylic freshwater tropical and marine aquariums. It is highly recommended for the new fish hobbyist to go with a larger tank, than a small tank. Smaller tanks are actually more difficult to keep healthy, and even a small mistake can have detrimental effects on your fish.

For healthy, happy fish, take into account that you will need a large enough tank for them to swim around in and to have a good air-to-water surface ratio, and the size of the tank affects both. We sell tanks ranging from 5 gallons to 100, and can advise you on how many fish your tank can hold, and what you will need to keep those fish alive and happy.


  • Pumps
  • Filters
  • Plumbing
  • Metal Halides
  • Lighting & related supplies
  • Reverse Osmosis units & power compacts
  • Specialized lighting for coral & live rock